In the year, 2062 B.S. Akashganga Int’l Academy was established in Kumarigal, Kathmandu. The school is able to accustom to the parents of the locality within a very short period and establish as a secondary school because of getting the good support all around. Our institution , as we have been trying and implementing, can be the best place for the children to enroll and you all, as we believe and want to ensure you there won’t be any vacuum to settle  your criticism. Because we are not only giving emphasis on theoretical aspects of learning but also we give priority to practical accomplishment of teaching and learning.

It is an arrangement or structure within which principal, supervisors, teachers, pupils and other cooperate to carry out various activities of the school so as to achieve the organizational goals of educating the young ones. It, being a school has all the characteristics of a formal organization.

 A well-balanced institution, cope with broad curricular and co- curricular and extracurricular activities and the fusion among them; you can really feel contented. The untiring efforts of the qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers have already proved the bases for quality and value education in this institution. The enrollment of the students here shows that it is a common place for learning for all levels of the parents. We have different strategies for all levels students so that everyone can admit in our institution. We are committed to provide quality education. Along with students in general, the conscription of the students from poor and marginalized groups from different communities and institutions, lower castes (even Dalit and Janajati), Indigenous groups (Adibasi)   has already proved that this is the institution of especially targeted of people. Moreover, almost all the students of this institution stay either in rented houses/rooms or in ASHRAM/ homeless (many staying in others’ houses as workers/helpers).

All our well- wishers, every now and then; the challenges of new world are increasing and the difficulties to tackle those challenges are mountaineering. In this 21st century, the traditional system of education, which was just based within the gurus’ limitations, could not cope with the life skills to survive in this world. Therefore, we believe in the ground reality of hard work rather than just mouthwatering reassurance. We want to develop the good attitudes and skills to the young saplings of todays for tomorrows challenging world. We know that we are able to create such environment through our recent activities/achievements (curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities) and overwhelming support from the locality. Hope your support will be the added character to battle against those challenges.