Our school is well equipped with laptops as well as desktop computers that are well adequate to teach the students to operate the computers. In today’s time computer education is very essential with the growing need and wide use of the computer in various sectors. Present students are the manpower of the nation in future serving in science and technology, medicine, business, trade, finance, media and more.

Proficiency in computer helps students to grab the opportunities to make their lives better, likewise, the development of our country is possible.

With the collaboration with Ailleurs Solidaires, A French humanitarian organization our institution has received several laptops equipped with rich resourceful Emmabuntus Operating System. Students love to learn and work with Linux environment of Emmabuntus and preferred it more than conventional Windows system software. Students have found Emmabuntus, new yet easy to learn and use due to user friendly GUI(Graphical User Interface) of this OS(Operating System).

We are thankful to Ailleurs Solidaires and we hope our students learn to become efficient computer professionals or at least computer literate having knowledge of both the Linux and Windows platform in IT.


Ailleurs Solidaires gifting Emmabuntus laptops to AGIA principal.
Ailleurs Solidaires gifting Emmabuntus laptops to AGIA principal.

Pupils from grade 1 to Grade 7 study Computer Science and they visit Computer Laboratory every day as much as Power Supply is made available by Nepal Electricity Authority.  Our Computer Laboratory  has good resources to teach students about IT with laptop computers and desktop computers with useful Operating Systems, that are connected to Internet. Students learn about Touch Typing, Word Processor, Presentation Software, Spreadsheet, Multimedia and Internet browsing. Thanks to Emmabuntus OS, students can use and learn Educational software included in this OS.