Principal Message

All of us know that in our school we have a very genuine system. We feel that physical presence is not everything to satisfy the quality and the palpable feeling of valuable education but the mental attachment and readiness has much more significance. You can still expose and suggest the better way out so that we can share our knowledge, feelings, , and many more .Dedicated to all of you, I assure that I along with our whole school family, am ready to go hand in hand with you.  

    As an educator I understand that you entrust our school with our mostprecious possession, your child. I can take this responsibility very seriously and we work hard at Akashganga  to provide a safe and caring community for each and every student. I believe that providing a better school climate allows the students to reach their true potential.

 Your suggestions and criticisms will be greatly welcomed.       Sincerely         

                                                           Hom Laxmi Gurung

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